Specialised Treatments

CACI Super Ultimate Face Treatment

The CACI Ultimate uses Microdermabrasion, facial toning and lifting, light therapy for collagen production and a super hydrating mask for the most anti-ageing facial possible.
Price: 1hr 25 mins – £55.00 – course of 10 available and get 3 free

CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift

Using the latest CACI machine out – it gently tightens and Tones muscles whilst soothing the appearance to fine lines and wrinkles. Producing immediate results!
Courses Available.
Price: £40 – 1hr
Pay for 5 and get 1 free
Pay for 10 and get 3 free

Super Collagen Mask

A.H.A. Green tea and vitamin C. 20 min mask
Price: £20 – 20mins

Bio Skin Jetting

A complete natural method of diminishing wrinkles based upon the skins own regeneration capabilities. The area underneath the wrinkle is stimulated into forming new tissue containing young collagen and elastic fibres that spread through the wrinkle. Results are very fast – sometimes immediate.
2-5 sessions required (average)
Price: £45 per session, prices may vary subject to consultation